Police urge students to take precautions while using ride-sharing

As thousands of students returned to Rowan University’s Glassboro campus for the fall semester,  police wasted little time warning students to be on guard when using ride-sharing to get around. 

"If they pull up I look at their license plate to make sure it's the license plate, the same car," JaShanti Pitman told FOX 29.

Pitman uses Lyft or Uber to get from place to place all the time. She’s very careful when using ridesharing. 

"Make sure this is the actual person, the name. They match the picture, the description," she said. 

Police have a few simple tips like staying indoors until the driver arrives so you don't look like you're waiting for a ride. They also urge people to check the driver's ID, the make and model of the car and the license plate and make sure you sit in the back seat and never disclose personal information.

Police say always tell a friend where you’re going and what ride-sharing company you’re using. You should also share information about the driver and the car with a friend.