Pope Francis rides through Central Park

Pope Francis rode the popemobile for a short procession through New York's world-famous Central Park as thousands of people waved, cheered and screamed. The pope smiled and waved back out the side of the open-sided modified Jeep Wrangler. By some estimates, as many as 80,000 people packed into Central Park. Francis did not get out of the car, as some had wondered.

Security was very visible. Several law enforcement vehicles accompanied the popemobile. Dozens of Secret Service agents on foot surrounded the popemobile. Police officers, state troopers, and other law enforcement officers also kept watch.

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Tickets were required to attend the procession in the park. Tickets were free but about 80,000 were handed out via a lottery. Of course, tickets did end up for sale on secondary markets, but the city tried to crack down on those sales by requesting that eBay and Craigslist shut down those sales. One enterprising ticketholder tried to swap his for seats to either a Giants or a Jets game. No word if he succeeded.