Popular Philadelphia ice cream shop to close its doors

After eight years of scooping out unique frozen treats, a popular Philadelphia ice cream shop is closing its doors for good.

Little Baby's Ice Cream Company announced Wednesday on social media plans to end operation.

"We are proud of the business we built, the mission we embodied and the products and brand we worked so hard to create," the company said. "Thank you for having open minds and mouths, which is all we ever asked for."

Little Baby's, who operated four shops and sold their products in Whole Foods, did not specify what melted the popular business.

"I thought they were doing great," Joshua Liss said. "I always see lots of people in here, so I'm not sure what happened, but it's a shame."

The company used quirky ads to make a splash about their Philadelphia ice cream style, which featured dozens of unique flavors.

"The thought was, if we can get people behind responsibly produced super-premium Ice Cream with stuff like hot sauce in it, that may be a tiny step towards a more peaceful and understanding world," the shop said on Facebook.

Little Baby's said they will remain open through Nov. 27 or until they run out of ice cream. All shops are currently running specials on everything from scoops to pre-packaged pints.