PPA to crack down on ride-sharing services

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- The agency that oversees Philadelphia's taxis says it will continue enforcing restrictions against unlawful ride-hailing services, including UberX and Lyft.

Philadelphia Parking Authority officials said Tuesday evening they're giving illegal transportation network companies 48 hours' notice before enforcement resumes.

The state legislature's temporary authorization of ride-hailing companies expired last week.

The parking authority didn't elaborate on how it will resume enforcing ride-hailing service restrictions. Sting operations have been conducted in the past.

The agency says it's also easing some regulations that taxi companies have said make it harder for them to compete.

Cabs equipped with cameras wouldn't need shields between passengers and the front of the cab. Vehicle mileage limits would also be raised from 250,000 to 350,000.

The changes are expected to be approved later this month.