Protestors Gather In Opposition To Company Involved in New Casino

Protestors in City Hall today voiced their opposition to one of the companies behind a planned casino for South Philadelphia.

They say the company has a history of discrimination.

Casinos are arguably the largest economic opportunities in the history of Philadelphia.

The state decides what companies receive a casino license, but today activists wanted to voice their concerns about the alleged racist practices of Philly's next casino company.

The Live Hotel & Casino is hoping to be the 2nd Casino to open in Philadelphia.

Already having been approved by the state gaming commission, they are now working with the city for zoning approvals to get construction under way.

However, today community activists stated that one of the parent companies, Cordish, has a history of discrimination and should not be allowed in Philadelphia.

City council members heard from people who say that they've traveled across the country visiting companies owned by Cordish and found an ongoing pattern of racist practices.

The owners and management of the proposed casino sat and listened to heated testimony, but claimed that the arguments were not all factual.

They stated that they have made unprecedented commitments to ethnic minorities, women and the poor that will be in place when and if the new Live Hotel And Casino opens in South Philadelphia.

City Council doesn't have the authority to deny the gaming license, but they can impact the zoning process and make the process more difficult for the company.

The owners of Casino Live maintain that they have a fair diversity plan and the rumors of their discrimination are not fair and not true.