Puppy on the verge of death makes miraculous recovery

A Boston Terrier puppy on the verge of death after his rescue from a puppy mill is making an amazing recovery.

Warning: Video may be disturbing.

Veterinarians at Dillsburg Veterinary Center in Pennsylvania said Libre, a Boston Terrier puppy, needed a miracle to survive, Daily Mail reports.

Libre was brought into the veterinary hospital on Independence Day, and his rotting flesh could be smelled from far away.

The emaciated and dehydrated puppy was floating in and out of consciousness as he struggled to breathe.

After three weeks of around-the-clock care, Libre has shown incredible progress.

Janine Guido rescued three-month-old Libre from an Amish puppy mill, and told the veterinarians not to euthanize him so she could help give him a chance at a life.

Although the doctor told Janine that Libre's case was one of the worse he's ever seen, the pup is now running around and loves showering Janine with kisses.

Janine is also the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, and she told Barkpost that she had never seen a dog this close to death in her life.

Blood and pus oozed from Libre's skin where maggots had infested his open wounds, and he almost lost his vision due to deep corneal ulcers.

Libre's new name is the Spanish word for "Freedom," and the doctors at Dillsburg Veterinary Center are going to miss taking care of him.

The care Libre received wasn't only at the center. The center's owner, Ivan Pryor, even took Libre home on nights and weekends to make sure he was never alone.

Now that Libre is off IV fluids, eating dry food, and making a miraculous recovery, he is almost ready to leave the center and go home with Janine.

As for Libre's original owner, controversy has emerged on whether or not charges should be pressed.

Many aren't happy with the Lancaster County SPCA's decision not to charge the breeder because it couldn't prove Libre was "abandoned, left for dead, or maggot infested."

The Humane Society of the US plans to conduct its own investigation, and protesters are calling for the rescue center's director, Susan Martin, to resign.

Martin claimed that Libre wasn't in "such bad condition," which left Janine baffled.

As the legal matter continues, Janine thrilled with Libre's improving health, and dreams that he will be running around with a wagging tail and a smile soon.