Push to register voters becomes priority on National Voter Registration Day

There are less than 45 days until the election and the final push is underway to make sure all voters are registered.

Regardless of how a person will vote, this election season has gotten the attention of many people, one way or the other and that is why the push to register people to vote takes on special meaning.

“Today is National Voter Registration Day, a day for people to take a minute to make sure they’re registered to vote so they can participate in the process,” said Commissioner Lisa Deeley.

With registration deadlines of October 10 in Delaware, October 13 in New Jersey and October 19 in Pennsylvania, time is getting short.

“It’s just a wake-up call. It’s a day to stop talking about it and be about it,” Commissioner Deeley continued.

Getting people registered throughout the area was clearly a priority, but the day was filled with mixed messages. There were some who were just fired up.

“I’m going in early in the morning, get my vote and get it over with. I’m voting, yes sir,” said one voter.

“Please, please vote. It’s very, very important,” another voter stated.

Some registration sites were chosen because they’re in areas that needed encouragement.

“We’re at Broad in Glenwood, which is an area which, typically, doesn’t participate in the election process, like Center City or Chestnut Hill, so we have to bring the resources to the community,” explained Commissioner Omar Sabir.

Another issue people are concerned with is how they will actually cast their ballot. A new plan for Philadelphia was welcome.

“Open up satellite locations for voters to go to. Be able to register in person. Request their mail-in-ballot, vote and hand that ballot back to election personnel, all in one shot,” Commissioner Deeley listed.

The 15 new voting centers are expected to be approved Wednesday and set to open before the end of the month. They will be scattered throughout the area. Just one more example of the importance of the day and everyday leading up to November 3.

“I think we need to vote, so we can get some changes,” stated a third voter.


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