Queen Elizabeth II in Philadelphia: A look at her 1976 visit to celebrate the Bicentennial

The Queen visited Independence Hall 46 years ago, when she was just 50-years-old. Throughout her seven-decade reign, she's left her mark on the world.

Queen Elizabeth II, stood with then-Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo during her arrival to commemorate America’s 200th birthday, back in 1976 and the last time the Queen visited Philadelphia, Prince Phillip accompanying her.

Hobart Gaywood, center, of the National Parks Service, shows a plaque describing the Bicentennial Bell, a gift of the Government of Great Britain to the United States, to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in Philadelphia on Tuesday, July 6, 1976.

At the time, the Queen presented the United States with a gift: a Bicentennial bell, shown on the Independence Historical Trust website, to celebrate the freedom uniting the two nations, a gift with even greater meaning as people in Philadelphia and abroad mourn the loss of a worldwide icon.


"She’s done what most can’t do. She’s put duty first and, as a result, she’s a symbol of what it means for stability," said Honorary British Consul, Oliver St. Clair Franklin.

St. Clair Franklin, reflected on the queen as a highly regarded leader who approached each challenge she met with class and dignity.

Queen Elizabeth II stands at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia on Tuesday, July 6, 1976 as she began her visit to the United States in that city. (AP Photo)

"During her 70-year reign, she saw through all sorts of change in Britain and her family, and, yet, she took every challenge as focused and calm," St. Clair Franklin remarked.

St. Clair Franklin says even after the U.K.’s longest standing monarch is laid to rest, a feeling of immense grief will linger. "80 percent of people in Great Britain have no idea who any other ruler is, or sovereign."

But, now they will, as King Charles III takes the throne. "He will be different from our queen, but he’ll be very good at what he does, because he’s been trained from Day 1 to be king."