Recording of accused GoFundMe scammers' argument released

An explosive tape surfaced in the already wild case of three people charged with a GoFundMe scam.

An attorney for Katelyn McClure says her former boyfriend, Mark D'Amico, duped her.

Authorities arrested McClure, D'Amico and homeless, drug-addicted veteran Johnny Bobbitt last week, accusing them of creating a scheme that netted $402,000 in the GoFundMe account.

Investigators allege the trio made up a fake story that Bobbitt spent his last $20 to buy gas for a stranded McClure.

Burlington County prosecutors say it was all a lie for money.

On Monday, McClure's attorney released a recording that depicts the couple in a full-throated argument, loudly yelling swears at each other, FOX 29's Jeff Cole reported.

The attorney claims the recording McClure made of her ex-boyfriend in their Bordentown home on Sept. 2 shows signs of abuse.

In the recording, McClure accuses D'Amico of being behind the scam.

McClure: "I might be going to jail because of something that you said."

D'Amico: "Stop it. Stop it."

McClure: "Stop what?"

D'Amico: "You don't go to jail for lying on TV, you dumb b----."

The couple argues for 11 minutes in a heated exchanged laced with swears words.

McClure: "But who made me lie on TV?"

D'Amico: "Who cares?"

McClure: "What do you mean who cares? I care!"

McClure's attorney claims D'Amico became violent.

McClure: "Please stop. Please stop!"

D'Amico: "You're blaming me? … You're blaming me? You dumb f------ b----! You're blaming me 'cause a junkie decides to start f------ b-------, that's what you are falling for? You weak f------ b----!"

D'Amico's attorney tells FOX 29 his client is "not guilty" and the tape is "self-serving and not credible."

McClure's lawyer claims it says a lot.

"She wanted to protect herself when because she was seeing how things were playing out. And she also wanted to some preserve evidence of how she was being treated," said McClure's attorney, James Gerrow.

Asked about the claim of violence, D'Amico's attorney says he was not there and he cannot comment.

The couple has since broken up.