Reeds' Refuge Center motivates the community

Creating hope was the goal for The Reeds, Fred and Cora but on the sometimes dangerous streets of Wilmington Delaware Fred says their goal may have been better described as an unreachable dream.

"My father wasn't in the home, my Mom raising nine children and I was the youngest of nine, music helped me see a lot of things and I wanted to do something with my life other that stay in poverty stricken area," says Fred.

So with that as the driving force the Reed's stayed committed to inner city children, raised funds, and now those children have a safe place to learn everything from reading and math to arts and entertainment. A refuge of sorts….Reeds Refuge.

"We created a place where we not only make sure the kids have homework done but we provide dinner for the children so when they go home all they have to do is be bathed and go to bed," says Cora.

It's honestly amazing to walk in and see so many children getting so many experiences, for free, in the middle of inner city Wilmington.

The days start in the morning with motivation for any kids who need to come before school, after school they get help with reading and homework, there is a studio where kids learn to design and make t-shirts and there is a dance class with really talented dancers. All of that is part of Fred's plan.

"Music helped me escape that way of life, taught me how to communicate and get out of the four walls of the projects," says Fred.

Playing the mother role to all of the children is Cora's thing. But as an entertainer helping these kids shape their talent is Fred's real passions

And the importance of providing those opportunities to young people was clear as they shared the music video performed, recorded, edited by Fred and many of Reed's refuge kids.

Cora Reed says that Reeds Refuge operates on the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to foster their talents and succeed.

"Always try to help somebody else, encourage somebody else and push somebody else into their destination," says Cora.

And help them believe…For Goodness Sake.

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