Remnants of Ian bring relentless rain, wind and flood streets at the Jersey shore

The relentless rain and wind made for a messy day down at the shore. Some areas are still dealing with flooding, as others have improved, but it’s still miserable.

Maureen Dunbar wasn’t getting very far Sunday. She gave FOX 29 reporter Kelly Rule and her photographer Aaron Saks a look outside her North Wildwood home just before 7 p.m., which showed little to no improvement from video she took earlier in the day.

Dunbar says gusty winds coming from the northeast, couple with the non-stop rain made it difficult for the water to recede. Fortunately, they had time to move their cars.


But, the combination made for messy roadways across Wildwood, the ocean choppy and angry.

Some areas off of Route 40, in Egg Harbor Township, also saw flooding, which neighbors say isn’t unusual and it receded by Sunday evening.

The rain and the wind, however, didn’t let up.

"Did you expect the weather to be this bad today?" Rule asked.

"Not this bad, but it’s okay," replied visitor Kevin Anderson.

Anderson and his friend might have been the only visitors to a drenched and blustery Atlantic City boardwalk Sunday night, on a mission to get a bite to eat.

Dunbar says they canceled all plans to leave the house. She’s hopeful things improve overnight, "When it’s like this, sometimes it can be a day to two days before the water will finally go all out. We will hang out and wait for it to go down."