Residents fed up gas is turned off after Bensalem apartment fire

It's been a week since a fire ravaged a building at the Salem Harbour Apartments in Bensalem, Bucks County. Some residents say they still don't have gas and it's turning into a major inconvenience.

"I'm really upset about it. I hate it--it's aggravating--I'm agitated by it," resident Betty Berry said.

Berry is fed up. She says a fire last Thursday in a building behind hers at the Salem Harbour Apartments has left dozens of residents in four buildings--.including hers-- without hot water or gas for cooking. A week later, she's tired of cold showers and having to go out to eat.

PECO shut off the gas as a result of the fire when the utility crews went to turn it back on they discovered leaks in the system. The gas is still off while the complex waits for a crucial part to make the necessary repairs, which is leaving people here in limbo.

"I don't think it should take another week.They said it's not going to be fixed until at least Monday because they don"t have the part to fix it, which is kind of ridiculous," Berry said.

Francis Tacey has been through a lot in his life. The war veteran is trying to take it in stride but says it's stressful for people here.

Apartment complex management says its trying to make things right. On Wednesday, workers were installing electric hot water heaters so residents will have hot water and at least be able to shower until the gas is back on. They have also hosted dinners.