Residents fed up with rats invading North Philadelphia street

Residents are fed up with rats on the 2000 block of East Stella Street in North Philadelphia and they have video to prove it.

Milagro DeJesus has her windows sealed, but like straight out of a scary movie they won't let her escape.

"There was a car right there and they ate all the wires," she told FOX 29.

Even the dogs stay away from the huge rats. Neighbors blame the city. According to residents, a couple years ago they replaced the street and the rats sought revenge with underground holes.

The city health department has been out 8 times baiting underground areas with poison in the past half a year. But for now, nothing seems to work.

The Philadelphia Streets Department says they did not see any holes when they came out, but there's been trash dumping in the area. If you see trash dumping, please call 311.