Residents in Brewerytown receive 'creepy' letter

A 'creepy' letter is the talk of the town in Brewerytown. It was hand-delivered to people and no one knows the person behind the letter.

Kelly Holst is one of many who received a copy of the ambiguous letter filled with odd mentions of newborns, meat and a steel furnace. It says there will be a meeting on April 27, 2019 at noon on the subject

It's definitely getting attention in countless Reddit chats, the subject of memes and other social media posts.

Crime and Punishment Brewery at 27th and Girard says it's going to craft a beer for the supposed April 27 event.

No one knows who is behind the letter or why. Some question mental illness. A GoFundMe page was created to turn this explosive internet chatter into a constructive conversation with action--collecting money for the Philadelphia Mental Health Clinic.