Dancing Amazon driver: Delivery man's moves caught on camera

A video of a dancing Amazon driver in Rhode Island captured the attention of social media users, and the homeowner whose security camera filmed the man busting a move on his delivery route.

People all over the internet have been raving over the dance moves caught on Claudius Cooper’s home security camera on Dec. 23, which showed the driver busting out some serious moves - even performing a full on split. 

"Can someone help me find this man who delivered my mom’s package in Providence...he deserves a Christmas bonus," Cooper wrote on Twitter. 

The video was quickly shared all across the internet garnering thousands of views as everyone showed appreciation for the much-needed holiday dance vibes. 

Cooper was able to find the Twitter account of the dancer, later identified as Ibrahim Combs. 

"I appreciate this one," Combs wrote in response to one user putting music over the video of him dancing. 

Combs later explained that the song he was listening to while dancing was "Come to Me" by P. Diddy.

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