Rider Banned From App After Uber Driver Assaulted, Car Damaged

BOSTON, MA- Cellphone video taken by an Uber driver shows a passenger getting violent.

It all happened outside The W hotel in Boston around 2:00 a.m. Friday.

It starts with a passenger in the rear of the vehicle starts shouting and swearing at the Uber driver.

Then, the situation escalates as a punch is thrown from the back seat.

While the irate passenger's friends manage to get him out of the car, his tirade doesn't end there.

He continues to hurl nasty words at the driver, while punching and kicking the exterior of the vehicle, leaving behind dents and scratches.

The driver, Mohammed Aziz, eventually made his way to the Boston Police Department to file a report and show them the video of the attack.

Uber also released a statement:

"Behavior like this is unacceptable on the Uber platform. We have been in touch with the driver-partner to ensure he is ok and the rider has been banned from further accessing the platform. Safety of bouth our driver-partners and riders is always our priority."