Rock of Ages: Will Dwayne Johnson Run for the White House in 2020?

(INSIDE EDITION) Could The Rock become the president?

That is the claim Dwayne Johnson is making in the latest issue of GQ, telling the magazine: "I think that it's a real possibility."

The former WWE wrestler, who stars in the upcoming R-rated Baywatch movie, teased fans on Twitter during the campaign last year saying he would consider it one day. Now, he tells GQ, it is still crossing his mind.

"Personally, I feel that if I were president, poise would be important," he told the magazine. "Leadership would be important. Taking responsibility for everybody. [If I didn't agree with someone] on something, I wouldn't shut them out. I would actually include them. The first thing we'd do is we'd come and sit down and we'd talk about it. It's hard to categorize right now how I think he's doing, other than to tell you how I would operate, what I would like to see."

The 45-year-old movie star is a registered Independent and in the past has appeared at both Republican and Democratic Conventions. Last year, he declined to make a presidential endorsement.

"I feel like I'm in a position now where my word carries a lot of weight and influence, which of course is why they want the endorsement," he said. "But I also have a tremendous amount of respect for the process and felt like if I did share my political views publicly, a few things would happen -- and these are all conversations I have with myself, in the gym at four o'clock in the morning -- I felt like it would either (A), make people unhappy with the thought of whatever my political view was. And, [B], it might sway an opinion, which I didn't want to do."

In the new issue of the magazine, he recreated some iconic movie moments fromGoodfellas, Napoleon Dynamite, and Home Alone.