Ice dams, leaks becoming an issue for homeowners during winter

The snow, cold and ice aren't just making a mess of driveways and sidewalks but also leading to ice dams and leaks.

Roofers say they have been getting more calls about leaks than they have in years. If you're noticing large icicles or worse you likely have an ice dam, which happens when ice builds up, gets under the shingles. It could also leak into your home.

Experts say it's not the time to climb onto the roof, however, you can throw some ice melter around the gutters or even hose down a small section of the blockage by connecting a hose to the hot water heater.

Be careful not to flood the roof because hot water freezes faster than cold.  

"Best thing to do is put a hole in the ceiling, wherever the water is coming out, let it drain into a bucket, control the leak from spreading and pulling down the drywall," Frank Procaccino with Franco Roofing, Inc. said.


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