Runners clock 200 miles to lift spirits of South Jersey boy battling cancer

Runners have clocked in 200 miles to support and lift the spirits of a South Jersey boy battling cancer.

“I know that he knows and understands what we’re doing that he feels special”

#WerunforNoah is a group that is exercising to support Noah, 12, who has osteosarcoma.

Vincent Myers, who works with Noah’s mom in the Woodbury School District, participated to  show his support.

“He’s showing great grit, determination, perseverance. It started out with a hashtag and 13 bandanas . We now have 100 bandanas ranging from New York down to Maryland,” Myers said.

Myers rallied his running crew and fellow teachers in the district to jog 200 miles. Many of them wore their yellow bandanas and wristbands. They crossed the finish line Thursday night.

First grade Woodbury teacher Danielle Gantt says Noah‘s mom is her grade level partner and one of her best friends.

“This is a heart wrenching story. My heart went out to her when I first found out so I was honored to actually do something for them,” she said.

The group’s daily progress is tracked on social media, and helps remind Noah that everyday, they’re running for him and that they will win this race.

“When I check in with Noah’s mom she shows him the pictures that are on Facebook and Twitter and insta and he smiles ear to ear,” siad Myers.

Though 200 miles are finished, this group is not done with their work. As Noah keeps fighting, they say that they’ll keep running. They are planning to participate in a virtual marathon next month.


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