SEPTA Regional Rail fare collection changing, NJ Transit service changes

SEPTA changed the way it collects Regional Rail fares. Passengers who board trains in Center City between 3 p.m. and 7 pm. will have their ticket punched before the go to the train. That part of the process will remain the same as it has been since last year.

Now, SEPTA staff will give the tickets back to riders and riders will be required to give their ticket to the conductor on their train.

Riders will still not be able to buy their fare on the train, requiring tickets to be purchased in advance.

Meanwhile, major changes are coming for New Jersey Transit riders due to Amtrak work at Penn Station in New York.

The changes impact a handful of lines on weekdays only, through September 1.

About 20 percent of its service will be reduced. Riders are urged to check new schedules for train times and station stops.