Shelter Seeks Owner of 31-Pound Stray Cat, Will Soon Hold Drawing For its Adoption

(INSIDE EDITION) A North Carolina shelter is seeking the owner of a hefty 31-pound cat who was turned in as a stray.

Chatham County Animal Services posted a picture of the cat to their Facebook on Monday in an attempt to find its owner.

"Does anyone know this cat? He is 31.4pounds! He clearly had someone feeding him but was brought in as a stray cat," they wrote on their page.

The animal is reportedly too large to fit properly in a kennel at the shelter and is being held in one of their offices.

The normal weight of a cat is reportedly between eight to ten pounds.

"We have never had a cat this big in the 10 years I've been here," Ginny Jenrette of Chatham County Animal Services, told KWQC. I also worked at a veterinary clinic prior to this and the largest cat I had seen there was 26 pounds."

The Facebook post of the huge cat has since gone viral and has been shared more than 13,000 times.

No one has reportedly come forward to claim the feline, but the shelter has received several adoption offers.

The shelter said in a Facebook post that they plan on holding a drawing to choose who will adopt the cat because it will "need some pretty extensive vet care," including an exam, blood work, and a diet plan.