Sheriff's deputy, another man shot in San Diego

The hunt is on for a man police say shot an off-duty sheriff's deputy in San Diego.

FOX affiliate KSWB reports it happened in the downtown Gaslamp Quarter, and the deputy was walking with a group of other off-duty deputies at 1:17 a.m. when they were confronted by a man who pulled a gun on them.

Authorities say there was some kind of argument between the officer and the suspect gunman before the shots rang out.

The officer was shot three times. Another man was also hit.

Both are expected to be OK.

"Officers responded to the scene and found an off duty sheriff's deputy that had been shot. He was lying on his back. He was conscious and breathing. He was transported by medics to the hospital. His injuries were not life threating," Lt. Ernesto Servin of the San Diego Police Department said. "We also had a second victim that was shot who was walking in the street. We don't know if he was an intended victim or bystander who was shot by the rounds that were fired."

Police say they don't think the shooting was related to a Metallica concert that has taken place nearby just hours before.

Also, they're trying to confirm reports there may be two gunmen in the shooting.