Soldier Donates Organs to Two Veterans

Staff Sgt. Matthew James Whalen, a 35-year-old veteran of the Army, died tragically last weekend after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

As our sister station KTVU reported, Staff Sgt.Whalen's organs were donated to two people who needed transplants- both of whom are themselves veterans.

Before Whalen was taken in for surgery, his friend Sean Hatton shot and later posted video of the hero being wheeled into the operating room in front of family, friends and an Honor Guard- and that video has been viewed on Facebook more than 9 million times. See it here:

We say farewell to Staff Sergeant Matthew James Whalen. In his final act on this Earth, it's only fitting that he gave...

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe site for Whalen's family met its $50,000 goal in just two days, but is still accepting donations.