Source: Bensalem police lieutenant being investigated for alleged assaultive behavior

FOX 29 has learned a lieutenant with the Bensalem police force is the focus of an internal probe.

There was no answer at the Bensalem home of Lt. John Gladu--the police department's patrol operations commander-- who is off the job tonight and under investigation.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Gladu is being investigated for alleged "assaultive behavior against a female officer while off-duty."

Ed Tokmajian is a member of Bensalem's Township council.

"Well, I'm a little disappointed this is the fist time I'm hearing of this," Tokmajian said.

FOX 29 showed Tokmajian this internal police department memo dated Thursday, which tells department staff, Gladu is on: "...Administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation..."

The memo reads... "...No one from this department is to have contact with him without approval... And..."...Access to the building and computer system has been revoked for Lt. Gladu..."

The memo was sent by Frederick Harran, the Director of Public Safety, who did not return calls and texts for comment Friday.

Neither did Bensalem's longtime mayor. Tokmajian says Bensalem will not tolerate this behavior from public employees, especially police.

"If we're going to give him some type of higher authority you would expect he'd keep morale high and follow ethics for his position," Tokmajian said.

According to the department's website, Glaldu joined the force in 1998 and rose through the ranks to become lieutenant in 2016. He has undergraduate and master's degrees and earns over $100,000 a year.