South Jersey beaches open for swimming as temporary advisories lifted: officials

Atlantic County beaches are all-clear as water quality has returned to normal.

Officials initiated temporary swimming advisories Wednesday after potentially unsafe levels of fecal bacteria were found in water samples from three beaches in Longport, two in Margate City and one in Ventnor City.

The water at the beaches tested showed levels of Enterococci past the acceptable level of 104 parts per 100ML.

"Once the water level exceeds that, they have to put an advisory out for beach patrons that there could be a hazard," said Margate Fire Chief Dan Adams. "You still have the right to swim and go in the water, in that area. Whether it’s recommended, or not, is someone’s personal preference." 

By Wednesday afternoon, water quality results were again within standards and the swimming advisories for the six beaches were lifted. The beaches were never closed.

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