South Jersey town cracks down on basketball nets

One South Jersey town is cracking down on your basketball net. Parents on notice have to remove the nets immediately or they will have to pay a fine.

About a third of every home in Waterford Township has a portable basketball net outside the house at least until now.

"I was immediately angry." Shelly Brewin says she was stunned when she got a letter from the township telling her to take down her kids basketball net.

"They have a great time. This is what they should be doing I want that. I want that at my house," she explained.

The letter says neighbor complaints have led to enforcement of ordinance 176-74--banning basketball nets in public right of way.

It was the talk of the pick-up game FOX 29's Chris O'Connell joined with a bunch of neighborhood kids.

"I thought it was pretty weird because everyone saying more kids need to get outside and they want to take something that everyone play," Own Kelton said.

"We have to be able to address all of our residents and if we have complaints that come in we have to address them," Township Administrator Susan Danson said.

The township says it's a safety issue for school buses, emergency vehicles and snow plows.

"We had an accident with a school bus that actually hit one of the basketball nets so that triggered that neighborhood last year," Director of Community Development Ed Toussaint said.

The township has given residents 10 days to comply. If not, there could be a court date and fine. Some parents told FOX 29's Chris O'Connell they'll risk it.