SquashSmarts Opens New Doors At Phila Public Schools

On the squash court walls, racquets, and balls are opening up new doors for Philadelphia Public School students

"SquashSmarts is a non-profit mentoring program that serves inner city youth," explained Sakora Miller, alumni turned Squash Director.

SquashSmarts puts students in grades six through twelve on the court and gives them support in the classroom.

"What we mainly want to do is impact the neighborhood schools that we work with and build a better future," said Miller.

But, why squash? Well for one reason, squash was named Forbes magazine's number one healthiest sport to play in 2003.

Current student Kamryn Davis said, "this year I wanted to try something new because I had never tried squash."

But if you ask other SquashSmarts students, "why squash?" – You'll likely get one answer, "squash is fun."

As alumni Sakora Miller represents SquashSmarts' main goal, College. "In life I want to make sure every student that I can help has the same opportunities that I had."

"Everyday is different, and that's why I love it," said Chris Katsifis, an intern from Drexel University. Drexel along with PECO, and the Phillies are just some of the programs many sponsors.

Katsifis provides support in the classroom. "We do math lessons, we do reading lessons, kids come in and do their homework."

It's in the classroom where SquashSmarts really shines, boasting a 100% graduation rate for students who complete all seven years.

The SquashSmarts program is growing and hoping to grow their impact on Philadelphia students.