Store Employee Fired For Stopping Alleged Shoplifter

SALEM, NH--Stopping an alleged shoplifter backfired on a Christmas Tree Shops employee in Salem, New Hampshire. Instead of being hailed a hero, she was fired. The problem is she apparently went too far.

Police say the store's alarm sounded when 28-year-old Robert Morrissey was walking out. The 60-year-old woman ran after him in the parking lot--yelling at him to stop.

"She chased him outside as he was running from her," said Salem Police Sgt. Jason Smith. "She called out to him, asking him to stop. He refused and began running through the parking lot. She followed him and he started throwing items onto the ground."

Co-workers who don't want to be identified say the chase is what got her in trouble. However, customers don't think she deserved to be fired. Police say the employee put herself in a dangerous situation.

The store won't comment on the situation - saying it's a private "personnel" matter.