Student driver crashes through front of driving school during doomed driving test

A student driver in Washington state learned a valuable lesson after she mistook the gas pedal for the brake and crashed into a driving school.

Police in Bellevue, Washington took a picture of the scene that fortunately, didn't leave anyone with injuries.

Police responded to the scene around 8:30 a.m. Friday after hearing reports of a car that crashed into a building.

"Unfortunately, that student mistook the gas pedal for the brake, sending the car into the building," Seth Tyler from Bellevue Police told KOMO.

According to police, the student is a woman in her 20s who is new to the country. She was nearing the end of the test when the accident occurred.

"She was doing great up until that very last part ... [and she] did drive through a plate glass window, so that was a fail on the test," Tyler said.