Students help the community with "Cars from the Heart"

There's no easing back into Philadelphia's Workshop School for seniors Dwayne and Devon graham and Tyler Davis.

Teacher Michael Lumb is creating a foundation for them to become journeymen and master mechanics. Even more impressive, he teaches them life lessons at the same time thru a program called "Cars from the Heart."

"They're dealing with tools, taking cars apart and putting them back together again, they're having fun as well as learning."

These cars once seeming to be junk will be totally repaired when the class gets done with them. Then they will be donated to somebody in the community who's been struggling to maybe get to classes for their G.E.D. or to a job.

It's a 2-way street lesson says crew leader Dwayne Graham.

"You learn it form fixing the cars up and giving out makes you feel good."

"And when you see that person's smile on their face, it just warms your heart," adds Davis.

"It gives them a motivation to actually do it more because they want to have that feeling over and over," Said Lumb.

Lumb says he went after a three year William Penn foundation grant totaling 50-thousand dollars per year and Dwayne, Devon, and Tyler are among his first graduating class. All three just completed paid summer internships at local car dealerships.

He's meeting the kids where they are to help get them where they need to go.

"It is a good feeling at the end of the day," said Davis.