Supporters rally for transgender woman arrested at Philly's Pride Parade

The fall-out continues over the arrest of a transgender woman for burning a flag during Philadelphia's pride parade. Supporters want all charges dropped.

FOX 29's Joyce Evans has the story.

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They demanded respect and justice for ReeAnna Segin Wednesday. Several community groups gathered outside city hall in support of her Wednesday.

ReeAnna was arrested during Philadelphia's Pride Parade after police say she used an accelerant to set fire to a 'Blue Lives Matte' flag. She was detained with the male population until her release after being charged with felony and misdemeanor charges.

"The police say they are proud to defend us, but how can we expect them to defend marginalized communities when they consistently attack them," she said during the rally Wednesday.

ReeAnna did not speak specifically about her case but others did. They said police violated ReeAnna's right to be identified and treated according to her chosen name and gender even though her official records still identify her as Ryan Segin.

While the DA's office has dropped felony charges misdemeanor charges remain such as reckless endangering and possessing an instrument of crime claiming ReeAnna was using paint thinner to light fires in a crowded, public place.

"We're saying Krasner you know you campaigned on this idea of stopping mass incarceration being more sensitive to LGBT people. This is a moment for Krasner to step up for ReeAnna and our community," Abdul -Aliy Muhammad said.

The DA's office told us they can not comment on a pending case. ReeAnna is scheduled for a preliminary hearing June 25th. Her supporters say they won't stop fighting.