Surge of violence against women in Philadelphia

There's been a surge of violence against women in Philadelphia. Eight women in just 7 days have been violently attacked. FOX 29 was on the scene Wednesday night of breaking news after a woman was shot in Kensington.

Haydee Roman lives just a few doors away from the spot where tragedy struck two young women one week ago. Police say they were gunned down in a truck right on their own block, one was 35, the other, just 19.

"I could understand a car accident or something, but shooting women, it's not. I'm not used to it,' she said.

Celia Estrada sat on her porch Tuesday evening just a few feet away from where a 25-year-old woman was murdered earlier in the day. She was shot seven times in the growing string of violence against women in the city.

"I hope they looking for the Lord because really he is the only solution in this situation," she said.

Police say the victim was shot multiple times in the middle of the street. Just hours earlier, a 42-year-old woman driving to work in Logan was critically wounded by what police believe was a stray bullet intended for another target.

"It's bad. Particularly violence against women is egregious. We all have mothers, many of us have wives, sisters. Daughters. It really does hit home," Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew.

Police confirm that in the past week, four women have been murdered, three more critically wounded. First it was the murders on Lawrence Street. The same day a 57-year-old woman was stabbed and struck with a hammer. She died and her daughter was critically wounded in the hammer attack.

A hail of over 30 bullets fired on Germantown Avenue last week also left a 22-year-old woman critically wounded. Another 22-year-old woman was shot three times on Pulaski avenue in Tioga Tuesday night. Women are clearly worried about the violence.