Survivor of Pulse Nightclub Massacre 'So Happy' After Taking His First Steps Since Shooting

(INSIDE EDITION) Exactly two months to the day after 49 people were shot dead during the massacre at the Pulse nightclub earlier this summer, one survivor of the shooting has taken his first steps.

Angel Colon, 26, shared a video to his Facebook page last week of him taking walking for the first time across his kitchen since being rescued from the gay hotspot earlier this summer.

"Took my first steps all by myself," he wrote. "So happy."

Like many others on the fateful June night, Colon recalled getting ready to leave when gunman Omar Mateen stormed the club and began shooting at innocent revelers.

"I was hit three times in the leg," he said, before the terrified, screaming crowd of hundreds trampled him and shattered his other leg as they tried to scramble to safety.

Then, bleeding and motionless on the floor, Colon said in a statement that he remembered thinking, "I'm next, I'm dead."

But, five bullets later, Colon survived after he was dragged to safety by a cop.

The following week, Colon and Eatonville police officer Omar Delgado met for the first time since the massacre in an emotional reunion by his hospital bedside.

"I've been wanting to see the man that took me out of that horrible place that was filled with craziness, and I was happy," he said in an interview the Orlando Health. "I was so happy."

He continued to post updates about his recovery on Facebook, including various hospital check-ups, and leading a Zumba class from his wheelchair.

When he shared the video of himself walking, a supporter commented: "You will be dancing in no time."