Suspect Captured on Video Allegedly Stealing From Mailbox

PHILADELPHIA-(WTXF)-Home security cameras capture a brazen thief stealing a package out of a mailbox at a home on the 4800 block of "A" Street in Feltonville. It shows the suspect walk by and notice a package sticking out of the mailbox. She keeps going but then doubles back and hides behind a bush before making his move.

"It's a Microsoft software operating system," said the man who lives at the home. He doesn't want to be identified but showed us computer software similar to what was stolen out of his mailbox Monday afternoon. He says the mail usually arrives around 3:00 but when he checked it wasn't there.

"So I go check the mailbox and I don't see the item so I go check on the tracking number and I see the item had been delivered," he said.
The victim says he then checked his surveillance video and was shocked at what he saw. It showed the suspect walking up the front steps and to the mailbox. Two cameras capture different angles including a close up.

"I've never seen anything like that before. It's the first time," he said.

It's happening in other neighborhoods too. This video of someone stealing a package off the porch of a home in Manayunk. Police say they arrested the suspect after he was identified from security cameras. The victim in this case in Feltonville says he bought cameras after someone stole something from his backyard and another person hit his car parked in front of his house and kept going.

Ditllyner Diaz is the block captain.

"A few incidents been happening around here like breaking into cars. Now this is more getting more out of control," he said.

The victim says the post office will leave packages that can fit in the mailbox. He believes the problem in this incident is that a magazine prevented the mailbox from closing all the way making the package visible.