Teaching women to stay safe through gun training is mission of one organization

Women from all over the Delaware Valley are learning how to stay safe and it’s thanks to the efforts of one organization with a mission to teach women about gun safety. Dawn McCall is one of them. She is already licensed to carry but is trying to become more comfortable in the event she has to use her gun.

"Feeling extremely vulnerable," said McCall. She is talking about the home invasion she says almost happened in 2018 that caused her to want to carry. It was her first night home alone after the death of her husband.

"I was home alone and one of my neighbors called to tell me the cops were about to come to my door. They called because someone was about to kick in my back door," said McCall.

Most of the other women are new. They are attending after signing up with the organization Girls Day at the Range. Onori Ajong is the CEO, founder and fire instructor who specializes in training women 18-years-old and older.


"They're telling me they're scared to come outside. They're scared of the carjackings and they're scared of being robbed. They are basically terrified," Ajong explained.

Before the hands-on portion, the ladies get a classroom session on everything from how to properly carry to how to safely store a weapon.

"They're going to learn about the gun laws, they're going to learn how to properly conceal carry and they're going to learn everything they need to learn to protect themselves properly," said Ajong.

Benzii Diaz is a human trafficking survivor who assisted with Thursday night's class, which was themed "Heels and Shells."

"We are not promoting gun slinging, gun toting or this bravado that usually comes along with the Black and brown community from the media. And we understand that, which is why our focus point is knowledge," said Diaz, who is also the founder of the See Us Foundation.

At the end of the session the women get a certificate of completion and an option to continue.

"Not being scared to move about in their regular everyday life. I want them to be confident and hold their heads high. I get a lot of domestic violence victims and gun violence victims. Once they leave my course they leave with a lot of confidence," said Ajong. 

For more information on training, visit Girls Day at the Range website or their Instagram page, here.