Teams set to compete in Arena National Curling Championship

The Arena National Curling Championship is happening in our area. Teams from all over the country are set to compete.

FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer has the story.

"These are club level, amateur level players. For the most part, they are weekend warriors that go out every Saturday night and play with their friends and they are the best at that level of player," President of the Jersey Pinelands Curling Club Ryan Adamson said.

His club is hosting the tournament. Participants here have a lot in common.

"Everyone playing in this event usually curls on hockey ice, which will have skate marks gashes, Zamboni runs. Sometimes the rock has a life of its own under those conditions," Adamson explained.

Club memberships rose after team USA took gold at the last Olympics. May Eaton is one of four female members from the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club.

"It happens quite often when the Olympics happen people get into curling. That is what happened with me and two of my teammates," she said.

For the winner, there is no prize money at the end, they are obligated to buy the first round of beer for the losing team. The only thing they take home with them is the pride of winning.

"It is being able to go back to your home club, show them your patch and take home your medal and know that you are the best this year," Adamson said.

You can give curling a whirl Saturday night from 5-7 p.m. at Ice Line in West Chester.