Teen facing charges in shooting during drug deal turned robbery in Montgomery County

A Pennsylvania teenager will be charged as an adult after authorities say he opened fire on someone during a drug deal turned robbery on New Year's Day. 

Nehemiah Gonzalez, 17, is facing robbery and firearms charges for a botched robbery that happened on the 2500 block of Rubicam Avenue in Abington Township. 

According to authorities, Gonzalez and the victim met at a park around 8 p.m. to complete a planned drug deal. During the interaction, police say Gonzalez pointed a gun at the victim's head. 

When the victim tried to drive away, authorities allege Gonzalez opened fire several times. The victim was not hit, but a stray bullet struck a nearby home. 

Gonzalez was not home when members of the Abington Police Department's SWAT team carried out a search warrant two days later. He was eventually found hiding in a home about a mile away.

"Due to the violent nature of this crime, Gonzalez will be charged as an adult with robbery and multiple firearms violations," authorities said in a press release announcing the arrest.