Teen girl charged after controversial arrest caught on tape at carnival brawl

A 14-year-old girl is facing criminal charges for her involvement in a brawl that erupted at a Norristown carnival earlier this month, despite video evidence that contradicts prosecutor's claims.

Imarah Bates was among the crowd the clashed with officers at the church festival. During the brawl, video shows Bates being restrained in a chokehold by a Norristown police officer.

This morning, she was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and failure to disperse.

"I don't understand the charges at all," Bates said. "I couldn't resist, I couldn't disperse if he had me on the ground."

Video of the battle drew outrage in Norristown, prompting the Chief of Police to quickly meet with residents and promise an internal investigation.

"It's outrageous they were attacking each other. Outrageous they were attacking innocent people at the event. Outrageous they were throwing things at police," said Chief Mark Talbot.

Meanwhile, Bates family says the charges brought upon Imarah are just damage control.

"I knew they had to try to cover their behinds so I was expecting it a little, but almost wasn't because I knew she didn't do anything wrong," Imarah's mother, Alisha Bates, said.

Several juveniles and two 18-year-olds have also been charged in connection to the brawl.

Chief Talbot say the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office is the agency who decided to bring charges upon those involved. 

Imarah will not be held in a juvenile lock up, and will instead be monitored at home with a curfew.