Teen hides from burglars as they raid her home

A teen, home sick from school, witnessed a break-in at her Utah home Wednesday.

Fifteen-year-old Trinity Kump was recuperating at home in Sandy, when she heard a pair of burglars break in.

Kump, ran to the corner of the room and hid, listening to the men chatting while looking through drawers and closets.

She was able to text her mother, who then called 9-1-1.

"She got up and she turned the TV off and put her phone on 'Do not disturb' and she was covering her mouth and she was hiding in a corner," said Trinity's mother, Braundie Kump.

Braundie Kump says it was lucky she was by her phone that day, and able to see her daughter's frantic text messages.

"The funny thing is that I actually almost always ignore my phone," she said. "And my phone was actually turned upside down just because I don't like the distractions when I'm in a meeting, but for some reason I just picked it up and flipped it over."

Police arrested the burglars Heath Miller and Niklus Beauchaine after a high-speed chase that caused a multi-car crash on a nearby highway.

Both men ran after the crash, and were apprehended quickly. The pair now face felony charges.