Teen Pilot Crash Lands on Golf Course, Shrugs The Whole Thing Off

A teen student pilot who found herself in a sticky situation above a Georgia golf course did what steel-nerved old pro would do: she crash landed the plane on a safe-looking stretch of green.

After coming out unscathed, though, 17-year-old Sierra Lund did something not everyone would have thought of after a brush with tragedy.

She shrugged the whole thing off.

In a hilarious photo that's now taking the internet by storm, Lund throws her hands up in helpless bemusement in front of the plane, which sits nose-down on the Planterra Golf Club in Peachtree City.

"17 year old Sierra made an amazing emergency landing on #11 Tee Box @ Planterra Golf Club! Way to go!!!" the Peachtree City Police Department and Peachtree City Fire Rescue wrote in a Facebook post with the picture.

In a follow-up post to her daughter's photo, Sierra's proud mom explained that Sierra was in the process of completing one of her solo cross country flights Wednesday, which is a requirement for student pilots, when the engine went out.

"She had to make an emergency landing," Steph Lund explained. "So thankful for her amazing instructor who taught her how to pilot the airplane in a situation like this.

"As a parent of a student pilot you often wonder if your child will stay calm and recall what she has been trained to do. Happy to report Sierra did just that!

Sierra's mom also gave a shoutout to kids all over who are taking risks like daughter.

"Side note: Never underestimate this rising generation! So many of them are doing amazing things!!!" she wrote.

As comments rolled in on the photo post, Steph Lund was sure to update followers and let them know this momentary setback was just that.

"The first thing she said when her dad arrived was, "I need to finish my cross country!" This did not shake her confidence and she will be back up today," Lund wrote.