Teen standing outside house with friends shot 5 times

A 16-year-old girl standing on the steps just outside a house is recovering after she was shot five times.

It happened when she was with friends, just after midnight, in the Kingsessing area of Southwest Philadelphia.

Philadelphia police say there was a barbeque at the home, in the 5900 block of Springfield Avenue, earlier Tuesday.

After, a group of teens -- mostly girls -- were standing by the front stoop when someone sprayed bullets directly at them.

The girl was hit multiple tmes. Then, she ran inside the home, leaving behind a bloody trail, and is now in stable condition.

Two other bullets flew through a first floor window, into the living room, where four other people were luckier and not hit.

Police interviewed witnesses and got private surveillance video from nearby they hope can help make sense of what happened, and catch the gunman.

They are also trying to determine if the girl was the intended target, or if the shots were aimed at someone else.