Teen with genetic disorder hits home run at softball game

It was an extraordinary lesson at home plate by an extraordinary softball player. Her team was facing a win when she stepped up to plate and got a home run. It's being called "the shot heard around Bucks County."

Spend a few minutes with 15-year-old Grace Hughes and you'll quickly learn why her attitude is so contagious. Grace is the team manager for the Neshaminy High School varsity softball team. She also has fragile x syndrome, which is a genetic disorder causing intellectual disability.

"I knew she couldn't really play on a typical softball team like her sisters do and she always wanted to do that," her mom, Rachel Hughes, said.

And she did.

Thanks to an agreement with the opposing coach of Bensalem High School, Grace went to bat for her first time in the final inning of Tuesday's game. She got a home run that people are calling the shot heard around Bucks County.

"Once I hit that ball, I immediately ran to first base, immediately ran to second base, immediately ran. All the girls came out. It was awesome," she explained.

A simple swing of the bat but for her coach who is a special-ed teacher it meant so much more.

"Acceptance should be upon everyone no matter what the disability is that everyone should be accepting," coach Dave Chichilitti explained.

She joined the team to learn. Turns out, she's the one teaching her teammates about sportsmanship, teamwork and compassion.

"They are nice. They are kind, They are not mean to mean to me. They make me a better person who I am today."

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