Teenager Dies after accidentally running himself over with a car

A community is heartbroken after hearing the teen involved in a freak accident has died.

16-year-old Paul O'Brien was run over by the car he was trying to back up outside his Canton home.

The 16-year-old Canton High School junior was killed Friday night in a freak accident outside his home.

Police say Paul was backing up a vehicle outside his home when it somehow accelerated backwards. The car door was open and it broke the fence.

"He somehow tried to compensate for that by holding onto the steering wheel," said Canton Police Chief, Kenneth Berkowitz. "And the vehicle unfortunately did a sharp U-turn on him and fish tailed and landed up against the house."

The teen was run over, dragged and pinned against the house. He was rushed to the hospital but later died from his injuries.

The tight-knit Canton community is also trying to deal with the overwhelming shock and disbelief.

The school superintendent opened the high school Saturday, so students could gather and talk about what happened.

Students plan to wear Paul's favorite color when they return to class next week.