Terminally-ill dog goes on bucket list road trip

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The dog days are not over yet for a four-legged social media star.

Poh is a 16-year-old Labrador who was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Instead of letting the news affect him, his owners decided to make the most of the time he has left and have embarked on a cross-country road trip.

He has hit 35 states so far and isn't done yet.

With every pet.

And with every picture.

Tells Poh's story.

Thomas Neil Rodriguez, Poh's owner said, "To me, he is my puppy I have had for 16 years. Unfortunately we found out last March he was in kidney failure and had multiple tumors, one on his liver and a bunch in and around his kidneys and so we were given a short timeline with him on this earth."

For Rodriguez, he decided to load up his wife and dog for what might be this New Yorker's last journey with his best friend.

"The main point with Poh was to get him to the Pacific Ocean so he could take a proper dip," Rodriguez said.

Little did he know that every step of his journey with Poh on Instagram would be followed by so many people.

Julie Espinoza-Martinez, a Poh fan, said, "We just felt drawn here. We missed him in Albuquerque; they were driving through to see the sights and when we found out they were doing a meet and greet we pack up and said lets go."

A story that has moved so many to show up and see Poh in person.

"We are just touched and inspired by his story and what his parents have done for him. We are dog lovers and we get this, a lot of people don't, but we understand where they are coming from," Espinoza-Martinez said.

A chance to hear from so many to give their support to this well-traveled dog; and to give Thomas one more day being there for his best friend.