Texas squirrels build nest from stolen flags

When an Air Force veteran in Texas set up a flag memorial in his front yard, he didn't expect it to be destroyed--especially not by squirrels.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, Jennifer Northam's father created a display of American flags in his front yard. When the flags appeared to be torn from their sticks, she and her father were convinced that someone had destroyed them.

Little did they know, this "someone" was a pair of squirrels who were stealing the flags and using them to build a nest.

The revelation came when their neighbor, Devin Rivera-Duque, caught the thieves on camera. "I saw her with the first flag. I was just freaked out. The second and third flag, I just started recording her," she said. "You never would guess that they would do something like that."

The squirrels were ripping the flags from their sticks, rolling them up into a ball, sticking them in their mouths, and running away. Rivera-Duque pointed out that you can see a nest made of stolen flags high up in a nearby tree.

"It was like relief came over both of us--because we finally understood that it wasn't someone. It was something, using it for a nest," said Northam. "I mean, how amazing that they use their resources like that. They find something new, figured it would work, and used it."