'The Faces of Cancer': Cherry Hill art exhibit tells stories of those with cancer

A Cherry Hill artist wanted to take a look inside the lives of those battling cancer, so she picked up her paint brush and went to work.

George Semple's wife, Lisa, wanted to show 'The Faces of Cancer.' Her moving exhibit is on display at the Cherry Hill Library. There's 20 paintings each with an emotional story.

The art exhibit opened on Jan. 2. without Lisa. Sadly, the 50-year-old lost her hard fought battle with an agressive breast cancer just two days before Christmas. A revealing self portrait entitled, 'Tears Behind the Smile' hangs in the corner

Lisa did the self-portrait in August of 2018 when she was given six months to a year to live. Then, she painted her college roommate. She painted 18 more, friends, friends of friends, family in just four months.

The wife and mother of three refused to give up even after surgery and unsuccessful rounds of chemotherapy and radiation even when she was in debilitating pain after the cancer metastasized to her skin.

Lisa's husband says it was important to his wife to paint her subjects in a good light for her it was about their eyes.

George also says his wife planned out every detail of this exhibit in the event she did not make. He hopes people will take the time to see it to see what cancer looks like.

"Try to make something beautiful out of something ugly, that's my hope to keep her legacy alive," he said.

The exhibit runs until the end of January.