The oldest and youngest delegates watch history being made at the DNC

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) No surprise, there's a lot of diversity at the DNC and that includes age. Separated by 76 years, two delegates are in Philadelphia tonight to hear what they both consider the speech of their lifetimes. They will get to see in person a woman accept the nomination for president.

FOX 29 met up with 17-year-old Rachel Gonzalez, from Missouri, and 93-year-old Ruby Gilliam, from Ohio, before the big night. Rachel is the youngest and Ruby is the oldest of the delegates at the DNC.

Rachel got involved in politics when her parents took her to a Bill Clinton rally at age 9. Ruby joined the Navy during World War II after her husband was killed in action.

"She was amazing. She told me about her husband who died in World War II, and how she enlisted in the Navy even though she was told she couldn't as a woman. She made me really emotional," Rachel told FOX 29.

This is an especially emotional moment for Ruby.

"Hillary is breaking the barrier. As I did going into the military. Woman don't do that. Women can't do that. But women have proven that they are strong and they can do the same thing as men can do," Ruby explained.

Ruby, by the way, has no plans of slowing down. She already is planning for the next convention in four years.