This couple and their new baby girl all share the same February birthday

A couple in Peoria welcomed a new addition to their family this week, and there's a special detail that's seemingly become a family tradition.

Even though Zoe is only two days old, she already has a lot in common with her parents: The three of them share the same birthday, Feb. 5.

How rare is this? Odds of both parents and their child sharing the same birthday stands at about 1 out of 48.6 million chances. 

But, the Serrato family is beating the odds. Zoe's mother, Monica, had a due date of Feb. 15. She and her husband Erick were hoping their baby didn't arrive early, or at least not on their birthday. 

"We wanted her to have her own day, a special day for herself," Erick said. "Come Wednesday morning, she started knocking on the door wanting to come out and we knew that about noon at the time, it was time." 

They rushed to Banner Thunderbird Medical Center and Monica gave birth to Zoe. "Everyone was just shocked at the hospital. They were like did we write all this down correctly and I'm like 'Yup, all the dates are right,'" Monica said.

Erick's mother, Ruth Briones, says this is exactly what she hoped for, saying this was the best gift they can receive. She said, "I feel very blessed, she's a beautiful little girl and I just can't stop staring at her."