3 arrested in connection to abduction and beating of 17-year-old boy

Police are investigating the abduction of a teenager who was taken at gunpoint from his home on Sunday night, in which three alleged abductors were taken into custody.

On the 6600 block of Tabor Avenue, a family member of the teenager described an agonizing 12 hours of not knowing where he was. According to police, a 17-year-old was abducted from the residence Sunday night, around 11:30. Family members frantically called police.

"They heard loud noise, a scuffle, and went down basement," described Philadelphia Chief Inspector Scott Small, of the family's discovery the teen was missing.

Police said they found live bullets behind the house and one bullet hole in the basement. Investigators quickly tracked the victim's phone to a property on the 6200 block of Trotter Street. It was then police said they made contact with the teen, who told them he was abducted at gunpoint and held against his will.

The SWAT Team was then called in. Neighbor Tony Morales says he woke up in the middle of the night to flashing lights and many police.

Negotiators were able to convince the alleged abductors to come outside. Three people were taken into custody, and the victim was rescued from the building.

Police said the teenager suffered serious head injuries and was in and out of consciousness while he spoke with them from inside of an ambulance. He was transported to St. Christopher's Hospital for Children.



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