Three Colwyn Fire Co. Members Charged

Another bombshell for the embattled Delaware County borough of Colwyn tonight.

Three top officials with the Colwyn volunteer fire company charged-with stealing more than $50,000 from the organization they ran.

Former fire chief Gary Brice, Betty Cellini, the fire company president and her daughter Lauren Cellini , who served as the fire company treasurer--all charged with theft and other charges.. And they all live together as well.

Brice telling me he's not guilty as he was taken away from the Delaware County Courthouse. He's accused along with the other 2 of writing checks to themselves without any authorization and no second signatures.

The district attorney says they were tipped off by Colwyn Borugh Manager Paula Brown.

Prosecutors accuse the trio of stealing from taxpayers for their own personal use.

"The mother betty went to the counter at the bank and was able to withdraw $20,000 from the bank and again undocumented we have evidence to show that this money was not used for any department use," District Attorney Jack Whelan said.

Right now Brice remins in the Delaware County prison- after failing to post $50,000 bail.

Detectives are still searching for both Lauren Cellini and her mother Betty.

These arrests are separate from another investigation into the finances of colwyn borough. So far there have been no arrest in that investigation.